Micro Aquilotti Kite Club - Multi line moves.

How you have to move the handles, in theory, with perfect wind, cables, kite, tuning, etc. (if only it were true...:-)))

Some multi line figures with handles.

Pivot 0 c.w.
Straight 0 north
Straight 0 south
Turn 0 c.w.

Different old multi line figures (test only) without handles.

Abbreviation: or. = horizontal, ve. = vertical, c.c.w. =counter clock wise, c.w. = clock wise, fix. = fixed position in fly, ri. = right, le. = left

Circle or. c.w.
Circle or. c.c.w.
Circle rev. c.w.
Circle rev. c.c.w.
Circle or. fix c.w.
Circle or. fix c.c.w.
Circle rev. fix c.w.
Circle rev. fix c.c.w.
Circle ve. ri. c.w.
Circle ve. ri. c.c.w.
Circle ve. ri. fix.c.w.
Circle ve. ri. fix.c.c.w.
Circle ve. le. c.w.
Circle ve. le. c.c.w.
Circle ve. le. fix c.c.w.
Circle ve. le. fix c.w.

Dive & land
Dive & stop

Clock c.w. 45
Bicycle ri.

Bicycle le.
Counter bicycle ri.
Counter bicycle le.

Pair (test)
Hex (test)

Any comment will be appreciated

Ciao. Bruno

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Pivot 0 cw
Straight 0 north
Straight 0 south
Turn 0 cw